The Shameless Idols

"Give a listen, take your mind away from that which troubles you, and if you’re already in a good place, dance away my friend . . ." -- 50thirdand3rd

Again, what can we tell you about The Shameless Idols? Basically, you start out sleeping in your clothes and it all goes downhill after that.

Back in the day before the day, The Shameless Idols were super heroes, one and all. Just a fun-loving bunch of crime fighters, practicing our karate chops and roundhouse kicks in a field by the interstate. Heroic stuff, indeed. We think you would have been well impressed. Of course it wasn't all fun and games. In fact, some days were downright treacherous. 

Today, The Shameless Idols are a four-piece band out of Boston known for fusing elements of roots, garage, alt-country, power pop and zip-a-dee-doo-dah into something the great Nick Lowe would have called rock (when he didn't call it shake and pop). But then again, he always had a way of getting to the heart of the matter (and the city).

But you know, sometimes the bad old days look pretty good and we have to resist that temptation to slip back into our tights, don our masks and capes, and kick some vile, villainous ass for a change. 

Thankfully, the songs keep coming, so give them a listen. At your peril, of course. You've been warned. And beyond all that, we have a pretty good feeling that you’re super smart and have great taste and are slightly dangerous. And that couldn't make us happier. For real.

The Shameless Idols are Dennis Burke (drums, vocals), Scott Egan (lead guitar, vocals), Dan Memmolo (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Steve Ubowski (bass, vocals).



Cover photo by Kristen Mancuso
Photo on this page by Karl E. Holland,
courtesy of the State Archives of Florida.
Cheers to CP.